Tuesday, September 5, 2017


This morning I was on KGET 17 New's Sunrise Edition, where we discussed Donald Trump's decision to end DACA - an Obama era program that protects young undocumented students and workers who were brought here as children. You can access the segment by clicking here.

Among the points I made, while responding to Cathy Abernathy, is that Donald Trump doesn't have a mandate to end DACA (he lost the head count by 3 million, and needed the Russians to stumble across the Electoral College finish line). I added that the undocumented groups who are here are undocumented as a result of a broken immigration system, so what Trump is proposing is "cruel, inhumane, and ... designed to create a climate of fear."

I also noted how Trump's decision doesn't appeal to our better angels, and that trying to hound good, productive, and hard working people out of America is not who we really are as a nation (the NY Times' Paul Krugman has a strong economic twist on this here).

At 4:10 into the segment I take on Cathy Abernathy's assertion that we are a nation of laws by pointing out how we have changed the laws in the past for people who work hard, and are here doing the right thing. The history behind the Homestead Act (1862) and Ronald Reagan's Immigration Reform Act (1986) are just two examples of this.

There's more, but you can watch the clip by clicking here.

- Mark

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