Thursday, April 16, 2009


At the heart of the Tea Bag-fest held by FOX News and Republicans is their sudden concern for fiscal sanity. They now want America to believe that our nation's deregulation & debt inspired economic collapse, and the Obama administration's forced response, are driven by the same policy DNA. The Republicans inability to connect the dots from 'problem to answer' reminds me of this ...

Let me blunt. Like Miss South Carolina, republicans find themselves in the awkward position of tilling an empty field. They simply can't, ummm, such as, connect cause and effect. So they're left with making forced political caricatures that miss the mark. Seriously. Think about the following ...

1. TAXATION WITH REPRESENTATION?: The original tea party protested 'taxation without represenation' ... FOX News & Republicans are protesting taxes that haven't been raised (yet) on a group of people (who make $250,000 or more per year) AFTER candidate Obama (who was democratically elected) told the country that he was going to raise taxes on the rich.

2. RECKLESS SPENDING: One of the reasons we now owe more than $12 trillion is because "W" and the Republicans recklessly DOUBLED OUR NATIONAL DEBT ($5.5 trillion to $12 trillion) by squandering America's blood & treasure on war and tax cuts for the rich. This "Squander Our Wealth" show, for those of you who failed history, followed the Reagan-led deregulation and deficit spending binge that almost TRIPLED OUR NATIONAL DEBT from about about $950 billion to $2.7 trillion between 1981 and 1989.

3. TAKING THEIR BALL: Republicans now find themselves out of power in Washington. Unable to understand how we got to this point, and incapable of taking responsibility for their reckless deregulation and spending stupidity, republicans now find it politically convenient to take their ball and go home ... only to return under a FOX News orchestrated Tea Bag-fest. This is embarrassing.

Think about it. Republicans get thrown out for governing incompetence and now want to return and conflate President Obama's forced economic rescue with the results of their ineptitude. In real simple terms, Republicans want to get in front of an Outrage Parade that their policies made possible. The disconnect if palpable.

Even Frankenstein understood that he couldn't get in front of a pitch-fork led mob (that he inspired) ... and he had half a brain.

One of the great things about America is that there is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that prohibits anyone from making a fool of themselves. This is the beauty of democracy. Miss South Carolina proved this. So have the Republicans & the FOX News led Made for TV Tea Bag Temper Tantrum.

I'll have more to say about this on Saturday.

- Mark

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Anonymous said...

It was awkward to see conservatives gathering in protest of government. I thought they defined "Patriots" as those who support our president no matter the course he takes. After all, they wouldn't want to weaken our government with their discontent?

By the way wasn't it ironic that the Bakersfield Tea Party ended with Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take it". Conservatives of the 80's (which there are many still alive and kicking) must've been besides themselves.

Or were they? They seem to not recall their stance a year ago in supporting their president so what can we expect from their ability to recall their attempts to censor this very song almost 3 decades ago.