Saturday, February 26, 2011


I give a number of talks each year for various groups and organizations. I don't normally do this, but I was so impressed with the activities of the group I spoke in front of this past week that I wanted to share what they do with a larger community.

Specifically, this past week I was a keynote speaker for AgSafe, an agricultural organization dedicated to worker safety. AgSafe is a non-profit organization made up of individuals, associations and businesses who have a shared mission of preventing injuries, illness and fatalities among those who work in agriculture. 

I spoke about the definition of "success" and how my grandfather had a life full of success, in spite of the fact that he never finished a full year school (he taught himself how to read and write in English and Spanish). My story made it clear that my grandfather was the epitome of success because of how he opened doors for others.

I encourage everyone who is involved in the field of agriculture to take a look at AgSafe. The work they do saves lives.

- Mark

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