Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Have you ever wondered why the Democratic Party, just two years after President Bush and the Republican Party ran the country into a ditch, are on the defensive again?

Have you ever asked why President Obama and the Democratic Party don't aggressively challenge Republican Party talking points either legislatively or politically?

Have you ever wondered why former Wall Street dragon-slayer Eliot Spitzer is sitting on the sidelines as a CNN mouthpiece, while right-wing serial cheaters and whore mongerers like Newt Gingrich, Senator David Vitter (R-LA), Senator John Ensign (R-NV) and Larry Craig (R-ID) stayed in office after their peccadillos became public knowledge?

Well, wonder no more. It appears that the Democratic Party's major players, which appears to include President Obama if you ask George Soros, don't have the cajones for confrontation.

Indeed, this piece by Taylor Marsh focuses on the curious case of former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer to help explain why Democrats are losing political battles and the ideological war for America's soul. Simply put, much of the Democratic leadership is afraid of their own shadows.

To make her point Marsh points to "something you never see from Republicans, even when they're wrong, caught lying, or found to have done something illegal, even criminal." And just what is it that you'll never see from Republicans? Marsh cuts to quick: "Republicans never make their own pay for their insatiable libidos or reprehensible behavior."

Democrats, on the other hand, either don't want confrontation, and seek diluted bi-partisanship, or become moral crusaders who throw each other to the wolves in the hopes that they're not called hypocrites. Here's what Marsh has to say about former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer:

In France he'd be made a hero, with his sexual proclivities ignored, his fighting instinct to go after Republican Fat Cats hailed.

In America, the disgraced "sheriff of Wall Street," at a time when we could use someone with balls, is relegated to the punditocracy.

Here's Marsh discussing Republicans who've been caught with their pants down:

Republicans never make their own pay for their insatiable libidos or reprehensible behavior. Newt Gingrich asked his wife for a divorce in the hospital as she recuperated from cancer, yet he has his eyes on running for president in 2012. Fox exalts him, with Sean Hannity sucking up to him at every appearance. David "diapers" Vitter was humiliated yet he remains a senator. Rudy disgraced his wife by announcing he wanted a divorce publicly before he'd told her, but that was after he'd had a failed marriage to his cousin, yet Chris Matthews and his ilk never castigated him like they did Clinton. John Ensign is still a senator today even after his moral and suspicious shenanigans out of Sin City.

Here's Marsh on the impact of the Democrats who don't support their own, while Republicans give their morally challenged brothers a free ride:

So, today when I turn on CNN to see Spitzer as a pundit, then look around at today's crop of gutless wonders currently leading the Democratic Party, the only people I see winning from keeping Eliot Spitzer out of public office is Republicans. They knew how dangerous he was to them politically, so when he handed them a chance they took him down. That's why it's very likely Republicans on Wall Street and their friends on the Right in the U.S. Attorney's office took him out.

This, my friends, helps to explain why Democrats are on the road to lose the biggest battles in the future. When Republicans see their dark shadows, they ignore them. When Democrats see their dark shadows, they turn and run away. 

No wonder progressive billionaire is telling Democratic donors to direct their financial support somewhere other than the president's direction.

- Mark

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