Friday, September 24, 2010


The definition of insanity is
doing the same thing over and
over and expecting different results.

- Albert Einstein

This Jon Stewart piece is hilarious.

Jon Stewart pokes fun at the Republicans. Specifically, he reminds us how the GOP told the world they were going to do some soul-searching after their policies helped wreck the economy, and brought them electoral defeat in 2008. After almost one and a half years of contemplation, as Jon Stewart points out, their soul searching is finally bearing fruit.

Their Pledge for America is the result and, like their "Young Guns" roll out, is a complete embarrassment.

While "old wine in a new bottle" is an over-used cliche, in the GOP's Pledge case it's quite approriate. It definitely gives life to the Einstein quote noted above.

In all cases, watch the clip. It's to the point, and funny.

- Mark

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