Thursday, March 10, 2016


The more Donald Trump speaks the more he reminds of me of Commodus, the delusional character Joaquin Phoenix played in Gladiator. The inherited wealth, the arrogant sense of accomplishment, and the psychotic thirst for more "greatness"and power for himself are all too much to ignore.

Now we have Donald Trump - in an interview with Bob Woodward - strongly suggesting that he'd be willing to go to war with Mexico to make them pay for the wall he keeps talking about. Let's call it his War Wall.

Going to war to build a wall makes sense. But only if you live in Donald Trump's head.

Think about it. According to the Congressional Budget Office, mobilizing the U.S. military to fight in Iraq through 2003 cost about $80 billion. Fighting the war has cost the U.S. taxpayer hundreds of billions more (and counting). Spending this kind of money to make Mexico pay for a $10 billion wall is delusional and, quite frankly, borderline psychotic.

But we shouldn't worry, according to Trump. He's really a good guy. Just ask him. The wall he builds will have a door in it so the "good people" can return.


And since we're talking about Trump's connection with Commodus the Delusional, let's call it Trump's Delusional Door of Mercy - and remind ourselves what a President Trump's sense of mercy would look like to people who would actually have to live in his world ...

Up next in the Trump Saga: "Are You Not Entertained?"

- Mark 

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