Thursday, May 6, 2010


The only sport I follow with any regularity is pro football. To be sure, I coach my son's baseball teams, and I've gone to a few pro baseball games over the past few years. But unless it's the 7th game of the finals, I don't follow basketball. Until now. I now have a team. It's the Phoenix Suns.

Most of you know why I feel this way, but these two articles offer good commentary on the situation for those of you looking for more information.

As long as I'm discussing sports I should mention that this news gives me hope for the next football season. Cutting JaMarcus Russell is good news for Raider fans every where.

Seriously, JaMarcus Russell is like George W. Bush ... all the resources and tools in the world to succeed, but he still ends up as an abject failure. Like Bush after he got his Daddy to pull some strings, so he could serve in the National Guard and go AWOL, Russell had a ton of money and the starting job handed to him, but he was always missing in action. What a flop.

On the positive side, at least Russell didn't wreck the economy, undermine our national credibility, and leave us in two dead end wars.

- Mark

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