Tuesday, February 7, 2017


This is what makes living in Bakersfield such a challenge (and fun too). Some people actually believe we should be both proud and celebrating the Donald-Kevin relationship profiled in today's local newspaper ...

This is what happens when celebrity gets confused with the responsibilities of power. Assisting the man who's accelerating America's decline, especially in the eyes of the world, should not be cause for a community chest pounding. There should be no pride in the fact that Kevin is enabling a narcissistic man-child who has no mandate, but acts as if his warped world view is America's.

Seriously, our local newspaper should not be celebrating the fact that our local congressman is doing the bidding of a man who doesn't respect American principles, and who seems bent on creating a dysfunctional tin-pot dictatorship.

- Mark

Kudos to Whitney for the clip.


Annis Cassells said...

A favorite image: "should not be cause for a community chest pounding." Thank you.

dzent1 said...

Well and succinctly put! But until the media starts calling him out (unlikely since KING BABY is almost entirely the creation of media kingmakers) we have to keep up the pressure on anyone who wants our money, who smells even remotely of the guy...I'm ready!