Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Say what you might about Donald Trump, one thing is abundantly clear: He has exposed the ugly underbelly of hypocrisy that runs through the Republican Party.

Think about it.

The party of rugged individualism and personal responsibility is about to nominate a man who inherited $200 million (a lot of hard work there) and still filed for bankruptcy ... 4 times.

The party of traditional marriage and family values is about to nominate a man who's had three wives, two divorces, and a much publicized history of philandering.

The party of Christian values is about to nominate a man whose self-absorption, debauched lifestyle (did I mention he's had 3 wives and numerous affairs?), and slavish worship of money are probably rivaled only by Caligula and the other depraved Caesars of Rome. Seriously, if Trump's got the evangelical stamp of approval to enter the Stadium of Heaven I've got box seats.

There's more, but you get the point.

The GOP has been exposed for not really caring about the poor, or any of the values they claim to uphold; they're only interested in winning and securing power. That's about as secular and pagan as it gets.

The unfortunate thing is that while all of this should be worth a smirk and a grin, anything can happen in politics.

Stay tuned. The joke just might be on us.

- Mark

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