Monday, November 2, 2015


For months the hacktivist group Anonymous let the cyberspace world know they would begin providing names of 1,000 people - including U.S. politicians - who are affiliated or some how tied in with the Ku Klux Klan. Some of the names were released today (Nov. 2, 2015). The denials have already started rolling in.

Among the high profile names on the list include:

U.S. Senator Tom Tillis, North Carolina 
U.S. Senator John Cornyn, Texas 
U.S. Senator John Horne Iverson, Georgia 
U.S. Senator Dan Coats, Indiana
Mayor Madeline Rogero, Knoxville, TN  
Mayor Jim Mayer, Lexington, KY 
Mayor Kent Guinn, Ocala, Florida 
Mayor Tom Henry, Fort Wayne Indiana

For those catching up, know that several days ago, under Operation KKK, Anonymous released a video explaining what Anonymous is doing and why they are doing it.

In a few words, Anonymous is getting back at post-Ferguson KKK groups that threatened violence and "lethal force" against black protesters. Immediately after hacking into the KKK's main Twitter page Anonymous began releasing information about KKK members.

The video promises to release more names - including those of politicians mixed up with the KKK - and ends by saying: "Ku Klux Klan you should have expected us."

While Operation KKK only vouches for the dox list that will be released on November 5th - and not a partial early data list already released - Anonymous is making it clear that the early leaks "don't mean the lists are unreliable."

Don't be surprised to see KKK-linked U.S. politicians, who have no problem calling President Obama a socialist and unpatriotic Muslim, asking or demanding that the FBI go after Anonymous (if they haven't done so already). They will argue, no doubt, that you can't just go around making wild-eyed claims because, you know, it's just not responsible.

Stay tuned. November 5th is just around the corner.

- Mark

Addendum: Just a thought ... I don't know if anyone else sees it, but there's a good deal of irony in seeing a hooded group operating in the shadows of life, with the goal of spreading fear and ignorance, being exposed by a faceless group operating in the shadows of cyberspace, with the goal of spreading light and information.

There's some serious cosmic justice going on here.

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