Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The Washington Post has an interesting article comparing the lives of Donald Trump and John McCain through the 1960s, and into young adulthood. The article takes no position, but the contrast and implications are clear. Trump is little more than a pampered and arrogant punk. 

Here's a snippet ...

In his autobiography, Trump describes these early years as fraught with danger: a quick learning curve for the soon-to-be-celebrity CEO as he went around learning the business. “This was not a world I found very attractive,” he wrote in “Trump: The Art of the Deal.” 
“I’d just graduated from Wharton, and suddenly here I was in a scene that was violent at worst and unpleasant at best.” 
The danger? Collecting rent ... 
Meanwhile, McCain languished in a genuine hell. When he wasn’t being tortured — several times his interrogators rebroke his mended bones — he was battling everything from dysentery to hemorrhoids. 
The prisoner of war survived on watery pumpkin soup and scraps of bread. He saw several fellow prisoners beaten to death, yet McCain refused to sign the confession that would have granted him a speedy release (and a publicity coup to the North Vietnamese). 
Trump was living large — maybe not by today’s Trump standards but larger than most Americans. He ate in New York City’s finest restaurants, rode in his father’s limousines and began hitting the clubs with beautiful women ...
You can access the rest of the article here.

- Mark 

UPDATE: Then we have "Trump Rules" from Barry Ritholtz.

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