Wednesday, June 8, 2011


While Sarah's supporters are bending over backwards to defend her history malfunctions, there's not a "Twinky" defense in the books that can make this right ...

Paul Revere rode to alert the British? Good one. Sarah later tried to defend her ignorance on Fox News (where else?). Chris Wallace's barely concealed smirk says it all.

Ignored in all of this is that Sarah also got her history on the Statue of Liberty wrong. She claimed that the French gave us the Statue of Liberty as a way of warning us not to make the same mistakes that they (the Europeans?) did. It was actually given to help celebrate the end of slavery (which helps explain the broken chains and shackles at the bottom of the statue).

I'm with Bill Maher on this one. Sarah shouldn't be on a summer bus tour. She should be in summer school. What an idiot.

- Mark

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