Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I like how Republicans point to President Obama's falling job approval ratings as evidence that the country is turning against him. What they need to do is take a look at President Reagan's numbers at a similar point in his presidency, and then compare him with President Obama.

The reality is that when America "turned" on Ronald Reagan the Republicans had no problem with it. In fact they believed Reagan needed to stay the course and deserved a second term ... even if that meant giving President Reagan more time to effectively triple our national debt.

Still, now that the public is giving President Obama the same approval numbers that they gave President Reagan at a similar point in his presidency, Republicans want everyone to believe that President Obama is losing America. I know it's beltway politics, but it shows that they want President Obama to fail, and will do anything to discredit him. Even if it means ignoring the political realities surrounding their hero, President Reagan.

- Mark


John said...

Great analysis and I think so true! Bill Maher says that according to today's Tea Party standards, Reagan would be the ultimate bleeding heart liberal for trying to rid the world of nuclear weapons!

sweds said...

I think the biggest difference between Regan and Obama is that Regan had actually held an executive position prior to being elected President. Obama's lack of experience is showing through in many ways. Unlike Obama, Regan did not have both houses of Congress under his belt during his terms in office, so slamming a hardcore conservative initiatives was impossible for him to achieve. With that said, Regan's tax cuts lead to the largest peace-time growth of our economy that inturn generated something like 20 million new jobs. He did this without borrowing trillions of dollars from the Chinese and leveraging our children's future. I would agree that Regan, like Obama did not inherit a strong economy. Jimmy Carter left Regan with double digit inflation and mortgage interest nearly 20%. Can any of you remember the even odd days at the gas station? How about setting your thermostat on your heater to a maximum of 68 degrees? I think Carter's answer to the oil crisis, was to put on a sweater!

I think a better comparison to Regan would be John F. Kennedy. Hey Mark inform your audience
about his tax and spend policies.