Wednesday, June 13, 2018


The Sacramento Bee has an excellent piece that outlines the global and domestic mess that is the Trump administration.

Below is a snippet of how degraded our national culture and diplomatic values around the world have become since we started normalizing Donald Trump. Bigotry and national exclusion are now embraced as values to be exported to Europe and the rest of the world ...

In addition to the vicious actions of the U.S. government vis-à-vis undocumented immigrants, the American ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, gave an interview to Breitbart in which he said he sought to empower Europe’s far-right conservative movements, regarded Austria’s far-right chancellor as a “rock star” and stated that, in contrast to the failed policies of the German government, the rising populist movements America embraces wanted to strongly curtail immigration into the Western world. 
One would think the U.S. would think twice before allowing America’s representative in Germany, of all places, to preach the virtues of race purity and neo-Nazism to Europeans. But in our shameless, ahistorical era, Grenell’s words didn’t even merit a rebuke from the State Department.

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