Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Ronald Reagan and Governor-elect, Jerry Brown, 1974.

When Governor Brown terms out later this year the state of California will see the end of an era that began in 1958. Since then, beginning with Governor Pat Brown, and ending with his son Jerry, the Browns will have had a cumulative 24 years of running the state between them. This is an impressive political stretch for any political dynasty.

More interestingly, as this NY Times piece points out, the Brown's victories have been done with little help from a strong formal party structure, a unique political feature that baffles and challenges political analysts across the country.

Governor Reagan and President Nixon (who lost his 1962 gubernatorial race to Pat Brown), 1970.

I know it's election day, so if you don't have the time now you should find the time to read the piece later. It's short, and has all the basics that I talk about in my Intro to American Government classes when I discuss federalism, and California's role in our national system of government.

- Mark

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