Friday, March 30, 2018

TRUMP'S TAX CUTS DON'T TRICKLE DOWN ... They Stay in the Same Corporate Swamp

America's largest corporations and America's top richest 1% got a tremendous gift when the GOP and Donald Trump gifted them a tax program that was supposed to fix everything in our economic world. Instead, we're now looking at trillion dollar budget deficits, again, and just borrowed almost $300 billion in one day to fill in our financial cracks.


So, what did our corporate and financial elite do with their tax rebate windfall? Did they invest to boost production (like they said they would)? No. Is there a sudden hiring spree going on? No. Did they give raises to the rank and file? No. Did they give bonuses (even 'one time' bonuses) to the rank and file? No. Did they ... well, you get the point.

Instead of doing anything that would help the long term interests of America's working class, the aristocrats of corporate America decided they would make themselves richer with stock buybacks. Robert Reich explains how this happens ...

- Mark

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