Monday, January 22, 2018


Donald Trump's administration has one year under its belt now. We can now start making some real assessments about what was promised, and what's actually happening. One thing stands out: If by "Make America Great Again" Donald Trump meant alienating allies, fomenting global distrust, and driving nations around the world to mock veiled praise from the United States, then Donald Trump has been a success. Bigly.

From crashing poll numbers, to shifting their foreign policy focus away from America, to being hung out to dry by Trump's avatar, Mother Russia, the United States has seen its global prestige and international influence slip, on many levels. The world, unlike Donald Trump's domestic supporters, understand that whining and playing nuclear patty cake with North Korea's Kim Jong Un are not a "winning" combination.

Below are just a few articles that chronicle American decline in the eyes of the world under Donald Trump.

Countries disapproving of U.S. leadership triples in 2017 (Gallup).

In the Trump Era, everyone hates us (Mother Jones).

Germany must stop relying on U.S. for foreign policy: Foreign Minister (Reuters).

Germany says Trump's "withdrawal" means Europe must step up (Bloomberg).

Sigmar Gabriel: To survive, the EU must become more assertive (DW).

'Thanks, but no thanks': Norwegians reject Trump's immigration offer (Reuters).

Trump turning U.S. into world champion of extreme inequality', UN envoy warns (The Guardian).

U.S. tried to get cute on Iran but was promptly rebuffed by Russia, which asked about Black Lives Matter (The Root).

Murders by U.S. white supremacists more than doubled in 2017, new report shows (Huffington Post).

- Mark

UPDATE (1-23-18): Tourism to U.S. under Trump is down, costing $4.6 b and 40,000 jobs (NBC News).

UPDATE II (1-25-18): Trump is the worst salesman American has ever had: The United States is more unpopular than ever before, and that's no accident (Foreign Policy). 

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