Thursday, June 22, 2017


The Republican Party is working feverishly to put together a "tax cut for the rich" bill that they're ridiculously calling a health care bill. The GOP has lied to themselves, and others, so many times about why their bill is better than Obamacare (it's not) they don't even want to debate the bill in Congress before a vote is taken.

To avoid a discussion on the bill they are grandstanding. They're trying to suggest that hiding in the dark, while crafting legislation, is "normal" behavior for the U.S. Congress. Normal Americans see it for the drama soaked red herring it really is.

Republicans are even going as far as saying something's wrong with the rest of us for not understanding all the good they're trying to do.

What's worse, is their base believes them, which helps pit one part of America (Republicans and conservatives) against others (Democrats, liberals and those who want healthcare). Without understanding what's at stake, an "us" versus" them mentality has taken hold in our health care debate (and in America).

Worse, the GOP wants to blame Democrats and others for not understanding why their tax cuts for the rich bill is really a (very bad) health care bill; as if we're to blame for not believing the lie.

I'm bringing this up because - via "Health, Spirit, Body" - we get the "5 Undeniable Signs That You Are Arguing With a Sociopath," which essentially outlines the behavior embraced by our modern Republican Party's leadership.

Specifically, the GOP is engaging in:

1. Pathological Lying: It's not a health care bill, it's a tax cut.
2. Drama Fatigue: Since there is no shame in lying (at least for them), the GOP's outrageous claims/demands exhaust you until they become "normal," so you begin to ignore them.
3. Gaslighting: Lies and denials (of the lies) until confusion reigns.
4. Polarizing Behavior: Create divisions in society; it's divide and conquer those who might otherwise be allies.
5. Provocation: Force a reaction, from you, then blame you for reacting.

There's more on what makes a sociopath, which you can access by clicking here or here.

For a discussion on the Republicans, the healthcare bill, and sociopaths, click here.

For a discussion on Trump and the behavior, click here.

- Mark

Kudos to Cheryl for the "5 Undeniable Signs ..." article.

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