Monday, October 10, 2016


We had our nation's second presidential debate last night. So this morning Cathy Abernathy and I did another post-presidential debate analysis for KGET's Sunrise program. As you can imagine, given Donald Trump's recent comments about kissing and grabbing women by their p***y - whether they want him to or not - our analysis was bound to be more spirited than normal. 

And spirited it was ...

I got it started by pointing out that most normal guys don't talk like Donald Trump did with Billy Bush, primarily because most of us know "we don't live in a Porky's movie" (3:04). 

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The lead in for my "Porky's" reference started when I said "this whole notion of locker room banter ... sure that happens, but not every guy is comfortable with this stuff" (2:51). This is definitely the case once we leave high school, or get families ... and most men definitely abandon this mentality by the time we're 59 years old, which is how old Trump was when he made his groping comments.

Later, Cathy would try to claim that the only reason I support Hillary Clinton is because I agree with her on the issues, which is only partially true (I've never been a NAFTA or TPP fan). But there's more. I'm supporting Hillary, and NOT supporting Donald Trump, because as I pointed out at 4:35 into our discussion "Donald Trump's a pig." 

Cathy seemed a little shocked by the characterization, but she shouldn't have been. Trump's long history of bragging about his sexual conquests, his cheating, his comments about women, the lawsuits, etc. make it abundantly clear that Donald Trump has issues. His behavior towards women is not normal. 

Later I tried to establish how Trump's presence on America's presidential stage "was not America's best moment" (5:25) and that suffering through Trump during this election cycle is a kind of political "water torture" for America (6:01).

At the end of the day, what we're learning this election cycle is that by backing a buffoon of a man like Donald Trump the GOP is showing the nation they "hate the Clinton's more than they love this country." They're ready to throw this country towards a man like Trump for no better reason than they despise Bill and Hillary Clinton. 

Whether this makes them part of a basket of deplorables I'm not sure. But one thing is clear: Trump's presence on our presidential stage is a national embarrassment, and we're all going to be better off the farther we get away from this election.

- Mark

Addendum: For those of you in the Kern County and Bakersfield region, Cathy and I will be on tonight's (Oct. 10) program, at 5 pm. 

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Raymond Gonzales said...

Again Mark, you speak volumes for all of us who see the purerco that you do.