Thursday, September 1, 2016


I just appeared on KGET 17 News' 5 pm program with Cathy Abernathy. I'll be posting on this as soon as the segment is posted on KGET's website. In the meantime, below are a few "things you should know" about Donald Trump's visit to Mexico.

Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto is not very popular in his country. Neither is Donald Trump. To give you an idea of what people in Mexico were thinking before Donald Trump's arrived to meet President Pena Nieto, here's a Tweet from an actress in Mexico with the comment, "A preview of what we're going to see tomorrow" ...

Un adelanto de lo que veremos mañana


After Trump left Mexico, much has been written about what he might have accomplished, with many more in Mexico wondering why President Pena Nieto even invited Trump to his country. In spite of what the Trump camp is trying to spin, the commentary hasn't been pretty. 



If we want to understand President Pena Nieto's motive, we want to remember that he's got so many political problems at home that he determined inviting Donald Trump to Mexico would give him a chance to take the light off of him, while looking "presidential" (being part of the U.S. presidential race story line helps elevate his position, even if just a little). The fact that President Pena Nieto felt compelled to invite Donald Trump illustrates how difficult things are for him. Still, he knew that "the wall" issue would come up and that he would be able to tell everyone after their talks that he told Trump "Mexico's not paying for the wall." 

False bravado plays well - at least in your own mind - when you're desperate.

Think of it as President Pena Nieto's "Bush landing on the carrier/Mission Accomplished" moment. If you recall, the aircraft carrier President Bush landed on (the USS Lincoln) was only 30 miles off the coast of San Diego. Nevertheless the landing and speech provided Bush's political team with the "War President" moment they wanted. 

As pathetic as it seems, Donald Trump gave President Pena Nieto his "We're Not Paying for the Wall" moment. 

Unfortunately, with so few Republican-like voters in Mexico, Pena Nieto's "no pago" moment is not paying him any political dividends at home.

I'll post our KGET clip from tonight, with comments, as soon as I see it on their website.

- Mark 

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