Wednesday, August 3, 2016


How the 'Stupid Party' created Donald Trump (NY Times).

'The party died in this room tonight': Nicole Wallace grief-stricken as Trump's RNC speech ends (Raw Story).

VFW releases statement on Donald Trump and it's devastating (U.S. Uncut).

Watch Trump throw crying baby out of Virginia rally (Rolling Stone / Politico).

The facts behind Donald Trump's many falsehoods (Dana Milbank).

Joe Scarborough claims Donald Trump repeatedly asked a foreign policy adviser why we can't use nuclear weapons (The Week).

Yes, it runs in the genes ... Eric Trump: "Strong, powerful women' don't allow sexual harassment to occur (The Guardian).

Judge allows suit against Trump University to proceed (NY Times).

Donald Trump to sexual harassment victims, 'find another career' if you're so unhappy (Blasting News).

Donald Trump hired me as an attorney. Please don't support him for president (Huffington Post).

'You dodged the draft': Khizr Kahn slams Trump for taking Purple Heart - then bragging about it (Raw Story).

Obama says Trump is 'unfit to serve' as president (Huffington Post).

Soldier who served with Humayun Khan won't vote for Trump after he criticized family (BuzzFeed News).

Warren Buffett is latest billionaire to excoriate Donald Trump (NY Times).

Trump's tax plan would mean a $7.1 billion reward for his family - cost taxpayers $10 trillion (Raw Story).

Buying a Trump property, or so they thought (NY Times).

Trump's failed Baja condo resort left buyers feeling betrayed and angry (LA Times).

In response to Trump, another dangerous movement appears (Rolling Stone).

The 250 people, places, and things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter: A complete list (NY Times).

Everyone is calling Scott Baio a 'moron' after threatening to sue anyone who calls him a moron for supporting Trump (Freak Out Nation).

Inside Trump's financial ties to Russia and his unusual flattery of Vladimir Putin (Washington Post).

Donald Trump has no idea what his "rigged election" talk could unleash (Vox).

Donald Trump is trying to undermine the Democratic process itself (Slate).

Kirby: A Trump supporter, an El Salvadorian maid and a columnist walk into a Montana hotel ... (Salt Lake Tribune).

Blast from the past edition ... Florida Republican: Donald Trump is a Democratic plot to make GOP look stupid (Raw Story).

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