Saturday, June 6, 2015

WEEKEND READING (June 6, 2015)

Robert F. Kennedy reading. He was assassinated 47 years ago this week (yesterday).

How Robert F. Kennedy's death shattered the nation (U.S. News & World Report).

The elephant in the room: Senators finally credit Edward Snowden for role in Patriot Act reforms (Huffington Post).

Argentina lodges appeal against 'illegal' court ruling handing $5.4 billion to creditors (Russian Times).

12 amazing ways people got back on cheaters (Parent Society).

What we know about the men who led the impeachment of Bill Clinton ... they're moral hypocrites and, more likely, sociopaths (Think Progress).

Edward Snowden: 'The biggest revelations are yet to come ...' (Disclose TV).

The world says no to surveillance (Edward J. Snowden / NY Times).

Disney World fired 250 of its workers. What it told them to do next made things even worse (IJReview).

Senator seeks inquiry into Visa program used at Disney (NY Times).

CEO salaries defy gravity and any sense of shame (David Horsey / LA Times).

American work obsession outweighs family values (David Horsey / LA Times).

9 months on, Kochs fear realized after town raises minimum wage to $15 an hour (Addicting Info).

Minnesota governor raises taxes on the rich and increases the minimum wage ... state economy is now one of the strongest in the nation (Huffington Post).

The worst trade deal you never heard of ... the Trans-Pacific Partnership (Robert Reich).

Kern County farmers sue oil companies and the state of California over contaminated water aquifers (Bakersfield Now).

Life expectancy for women in California ... Kern County is dead last (World Life Expectancy).

Arizona pastor says we can cure aids by murdering all gay people (Blue Nation Review).

Donald Trump is upset that the 'clowns' in the White House haven't asked him for his secret plan to destroy ISIS (Raw Story).

Rep. Louie Gohmert goes crazy on the House floor: Asks if Obama a terrorist, then finishes by saying "I'm just asking" (Raw Story).

NY cop to be fired for pepper-spraying and attacking driver who flipped him off (Raw Story).

Scalia's perfect capital-punishment case falls apart (MSNBC).

40 reasons why our jails are full of Black and poor people (Huffington Post).

Germany sold arms to Saudi Arabia to secure its vote for 2006 World Cup (Russian Times).

Russia and Iran ready to launch 'oil-for-goods' deal next week - Iran oil minister (Russian Times).

Jon Stewart rips Republicans for setting Iraq on fire and blaming Obama (Occupy Democrats).

Trade and Trust ... what's wrong with Obama's pitch on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (NY Times / Paul Krugman).

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