Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Why Latinos vote for or support the Republican Party is a mystery to me.

Republicans did little to condemn Pete Wilson's efforts to criminalize Latinos with Proposition 187 (I know from experience that Latinos - and not just "illegals" - became targets). Since then the Republican Party has done even less to disassociate itself from the race-baiting efforts led by nativist groups like FAIR, CIS, and NumbersUSA. More recently, the Republican Party effectively stood by and did nothing when Arizona passed legislation that effectively encourages racial profiling of Latinos by law enforcement officers (let's face it, mostly Latinos will be targeted for ID checks).

Now, the Republican Party of Nevada has come out with this neat tactic: They're telling Latinos not to vote in Nevada.

Watch the ad in English here:

Watch the ad in Spanish here:

While the focus is on Democrats, left unsaid in the ad is how the Republicans would have blocked any attempt at immigration reform (where were their proposals during the Bush years?). Also left unsaid is how Republicans have consistently used Latinos as convenient political scapegoats over the years. An ad detailing this history would be far more informative, and accurate.

The Party of No has always been the Party of Division and Fear. Now, with far right members of the Republican Party on the move (masquerading as Tea Party wannabes), a growing number of Republicans feel free to show their real colors.

Telling people not to vote is both unpatriotic, and has nothing to do with what the real Tea Party revolutionaries were about.

- Mark

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