Friday, November 14, 2014


For six years House Republicans couldn't pass a jobs bill unless it was drenched in poison pill tax cuts and more deregulation for corporate America. Well, guess what? They're at it again. Except this time they're doing the very specific bidding of the Koch brothers.

Today House Republicans approved the Keystone XL pipeline which will run Canadian tar sand oil, produced on land leased by the Koch brothers, through the American Midwest, and into U.S. ports in the Gulf of Mexico.

If built Keystone will generate perhaps $100 billion in profits for the Koch brothers, while making the American Midwest little more than the Koch brothers tar sand backyard.

Here's President Obama explaining in 30 seconds, and in very simple terms, what the Keystone pipeline actually does for America (Hint: Nothing) ...

To put not too fine a point on it, here's one artist's rendition of the Keystone XL pipeline project ...

The threat to the Ogallala Aquifer, which lies beneath 6 states, is explained here.

- Mark

Hat tip to Robin and Donna for the links.

Click here for Rep. Peter DeFazio's comments on the exemptions and legislative gifts (tax and "private taking" clause) that the Koch brothers get (as a pass?) from the U.S. Congress.

P.S. Here's Robert Reich's FB comments on Keystone, and the Koch brothers:

Question: Who’s the largest foreign lease owner in Canada's oil sands region of Alberta, Canada? Answer: Koch Industries, which holds leases on 1.1 million acres -- an area nearly the size of Delaware -- capable of producing tens of thousands of barrels of the region's thick brand of crude oil in the next few years. The Keystone XL pipeline will lower transportation costs for all oil sands producers, bolstering the Koch’s profit margins. Do you think this might explain why Republicans (as well as some Democrats like Louisana Senator Mary Landrieu) are so eager to have the pipeline approved?

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