Monday, July 28, 2014


The headlines 100 years ago today (July 28, 2014) ...

After the assassination of Austria's Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo Austria-Hungary declared war against Serbia on this day 100 years ago.

Because of German commitments made to the Autstro-Hungarian Empire they would be dragged into war too. This triggered commitments from France, England, and Russia which would drag them in to defend Serbia. The Ottoman Empire (effectively Turkey) and the Bulgarians would join Germany and Austria-Hungary to form the Quadruple Alliance.

Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II, Austria's Kaiser and Hungary's King Franz Joseph,
the Ottoman Empire's Sultan Mehmed V
, and Bulgaria's  Tsar Ferdinand.

The United States, as we know, would join the war effort years after (April 6, 1917) "the war to end all wars" began, which would propel the U.S. to the top of the geo-political world. However, after dropping the ball on the Treaty of Versailles, the U.S. bungled the post-war world order as successive U.S. presidents ignored the world's need to establish a new world order after the collapse of colonial empires.

The United States would not make the same mistake after World War II. The U.S. assumed the mantle of leadership and created a world order that reflected a new understanding of power and order building.

- Mark 

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