Monday, May 20, 2013


Jerry Brown's last chance to save California (Bloomberg Echoes).

If you can't beat them, cheat them ... Ohio Republicans push a law that would penalize colleges that help students vote (TPM).

Oregon's radical health overhaul blazes new trail (Bloomberg).

Super charging Citizens United ... Weak state laws provide cover for hidden political operatives who sponsor attack ads (The Center for Public Integrity).

Obamacare myths and realities (The Center for Public Integrity).

Why American colleges are becoming a force for inequality (The Atlantic).

Shell and British Petroleum offices raided in petroleum price fixing scheme (Mail Online).

The Heritage Foundation - a recipient $2.7 million from the Koch brothers - is undermining conservatove efforts to reach out to Latinos by funding and supporting studies that paint Latinos as a drain on America (Nation of Change).

Blow up an industrial plant and a you're a terrorist. Blow up a plant because your company hasn't been inspected for years and you're a capitalist (Nation of Change).

Pat Robertson advises a woman who's husband cheated on her to get over it because "he's a man" ... and besides, as a woman, she should be working to "make the home so wonderful" that the man doesn't want to wander (Right Wing Watch).

The city of Keene, New Hampshire sues six parking meter "Robin Hoods" for putting money in expired meters (New Hampshire Union Leader).

37th time's the charm? Our Republican-led Congress has voted, once again, to repeal Obamacare (The Hill).

Pentagon claims over $750 million in overcharges from contractor in Afghanistan (The Center for Public Integrity).

KBR tell the U.S. that it will take half a billion dollars and 13 years to close out its contract in Iraq (AllGov).

After being overcharged $100 million for "services" the Pentagon does nothing (AllGov).

The Pentagon fines KBR ... then gives it a $2.8 billion contract (AllGov).

- Mark

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