Sunday, May 19, 2013


Below I am providing a set of links to some of the issues that were discussed in my American Politics 101 class. These links should not be interpreted as providing all the information needed for each of the questions that will be asked in Mid-Term #2 this Tuesday. They are simply links to topics that are not in the book or are issues students have asked about during class and office hours. 



From Civil Liberties to Civil Rights: The long march to equality involved issues tied to blacks, women, labor laws, the influence of junk science (which justified social stereotypes), etc. It's all discussed here in the last 2/3 of this post."

Courts and/or American Presidency: Here's the link to help with the FISA courts. Click here for a discussion on the Original Intent / Judicial Activist issue.

The Presidency: Do we have an emerging American Caesar? This op-ed review several issues tied to the American presidency that we discussed in class. These two  posts discuss signing statements.

Congress: Why is it that many members of Congress appear overwhelmed and uninformed? Why do they appear to talk at each other instead of with each other? Apart from issues tied to redistricting, this post on the Bell Experiment ties into our lecture on post-industrialandia and semi-democracy in America. Click here for the link to clip on "We're not the greatest country in the world."

Political Parties: Here's a link I have used in previous class lectures to help explain the evolution of political parties in America.

Good luck.

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