Thursday, May 9, 2013


This is the kind of nonsense that gives Congress a bad name, and reveals the GOP to be little more than a mafia of petty obstructionists. The Republicans are getting ready to pass a bill that would require President Obama to prioritize government payment and benefits when our GOP-led Congress, once again, fails to raise the debt ceiling. 

Yeah, the logic here is akin to forcing your spouse to tell the kids which one they love the most. It also accomplishes nothing except to show everyone what a prick you are.

But what else should we expect? Our current GOP-led House is run by the same group of people who:
* Once presented a budget with no numbers. 
* Tried to redefine rape to fit their position(s) on abortion. 
* Had the House Majority Leader claim - against all constitutional logic and history - that if the Senate didn't pass their legislation that their bill (H.R.1) would "be the law of the land."  
* Consistently ignored or voted to block job creating programs in the 112th Congress because the jobs programs would help President Obama look good.

The sad part is that this tactic isn't new. Not by a long shot.  Sigh ...

- Mark

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