Friday, October 7, 2011


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In an effort to tweak the noses of protesters involved in the "Occupy Chicago" movement signs were placed in the windows of the Chicago Board of Trade that say, "We are the 1%."

So you know, the Chicago Board of Trade is the nation's oldest mercantile exchange. People make lots of money there. It's where the top 1% of our nation's wage earners work.

The interesting thing is that the signs are on the 8th floor. This tells me that the people who posted them are gutless wonders. Security keeps them shielded from repercussions. Cowardice shields them from reality.

At the end of the day, while market traders may talk about "survival of the fittest," and being rugged individualists, they don't even have the cajones to walk into the street and tell protesters what they really think. Taunting from behind a wall isn't bravery.

And we wonder why the top 1% need bailouts when they screw up the market. It's obvious they can't face the person on the street, let alone professional failure. Can someone explain that rugged individualist, accountability thing, again ... please.

What a bunch of pricks.

- Mark

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