Friday, August 12, 2011


If you watched the GOP debate last night you probably got the same sense that I did. They're a shipwreck waiting to happen. The entire class of republican presidential hopefuls not only ignored what happened the last time we tried Bush's failed policies, they demonstrated that they're committed to rearranging the deck chairs from the Bush-Titanic. 

And unlike Skipper Bush, who operated in the dark, these guys have the light of hindsight. But they choose to ignore it.

A couple of things struck me from last nights debate.

* As a party, the GOP is tethered to a failed ideology.

* When the entire GOP panel rejected a moderators mythical budget proposal that would include $10 in cuts for $1 dollar in new tax revenue, the GOP field proved they're Grover Nordquist's political slaves, rather than genuine public servants.

* No candidate is prepared, at this time, to practice the bi-partisanship displayed by their hero Ronald Reagan, who raised taxes 11 times, then raised the debt ceiling 17 times (while effectively tripling our national debt).

In a few words, after watching President Bush blow through more than $5 trillion in projected budget surpluses with his budget busting trickle down policies, the current crop of GOP presidential hopefuls are more than happy to pursue the same failed course. Their tribute to the Bush Titanic last night made this very clear.

The only problem is that if one of these deckhands from the Bush Titanic gets into the White House the result is predictable: more tax breaks for the rich, and budget cuts for the rest of us.

In spite of their party's recent policy record, for the GOP it's full steam ahead. They want everyone to forget about the ship at the bottom of the sea, and to ignore the financial icebergs even Ray Charles could see. Simply mind numbing. Seriously. Even Captain Crunch is perplexed by the GOP's willingness to ignore what happened on the Bush Titanic.

The only potential bright side here is that the American public is starting to demonstrate that they are smarter than the GOP presidential hopefuls believe. But then again, they did vote for the Bush Titanic, twice.

Sigh ...

- Mark 


Landon said...

I will give you one thing -- You are concistently 180 degrees out of phase 100% of the time. You could be Ron Paul's Leftist twin -- Sans his veracity regarding the Fed of course.

I believe by now most thinking people have discovered that you have at least figured out you cannot compete in the private sector -- Ergo you will continue to inveigh for tax dollars be extorted in favor of your choice of vocational endeavor. One where factual expertise is eschewed in favor of "quantitative verbiage" --In which you excel; if not by said veracity, cetainly by verbosity. Not impressed.

Bob Gross said...

Opening Shot

The Progressive Dilemma

Many on the right feel that Obama is loosing his popularity because of his ‘Socialist’ agenda, his liberal leanings or his community organizer mentality. But they ignore the very core of Obama at their peril. He is losing his base, not the middle, in the political spectrum. He has run as quickly as he has been able to, from the very progressive ideals he espoused in his ‘Change You Can Believe In’ rhetorical campaign for the presidency. He and the wizards of Washington have made the calculation that true progressives will never be able to not vote or to vote for the right wing nuts which clamber for the chance to challenge him in the general election. He and his beltway geniuses have steadily moved to the right in their political positions, hoping to capture just a few more Independents as a way to disarm his left flank and appease his moderate right flank, for the general election. But in doing so, he and his ‘ New Democrats’ have more so than the Tea Baggers, awoken the sleeping giant of progressivism. Progressives not Democrats and certainly not Tea Baggers will take this country back from this Corporatist Oligarchy we are currently suffering through. It will not happen the next election or maybe in the following, but be assured it will happen when the average person realizes that the corporate elite have stolen their democracy with the complicity of both parties. The real question is, will Obama wake up to this realization before it is too late? Or, will he continue to cave to right wing nonsense and put our Democracy and all of us at risk, in order to look like the sane one in the room? My bet is on the latter.


R. M. said...

Seriously Dr. Martinez, why do you keep posting Landon's comments. I guess you have to be fair and let the FAUX news listeners have their say too.

Bob, I agree with you 100%. Obama is too worried on losing a few independents. With that said, I hope he gets over it after winning reelection and focuses on fixing our problems. It's not like he could run for a third term. So just get down and do all the great things I read about in The Audacity of Hope.

Landon said...

Last comment submitted was censored. Good job, R.M. is not only a sycophant, but one of your only readers cum bloggers. Must cater to his prosaic wishes, might lose his "insights" LOL! The post was not profane, etc. just the truth. I guess that is verboten hereon!