Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Yesterday morning I was on KGET 17 News Sunrise edition with Republican Cathy Abernathy. We discussed some of the larger issues at stake with the upcoming Supreme Court nomination for Anthony Kennedy's seat. I made several points:

* LET'S WAIT: Donald Trump didn't win with a majority of Americans supporting him, and he still doesn't have the majority's support. We should wait and see what happens in the upcoming mid-term elections before the U.S. Senate votes on a SCOTUS nominee. 
* THE GREATEST POLITICAL CRIME, AGAINST AMERICA?: Currently Donald Trump is in the middle of an investigation that may uncover the greatest political crime in American history. I suggested that Trump's litmus test might revolve around saving himself, meaning he's worried about who's going to sit in judgment of him. The vote can wait.  
* SET YOUR CLOCKS BACK, A FEW DECADES: As I did a week before, I pointed out that Donald Trump is going to find someone who will ultimately diminish or take away individual rights, which will help set our country back a few decades. America can do better than this. 

The clip below has a discussion of these three points, and more, from yesterday morning's discussion ... 

Trump's pick later in the evening, Brett Kavanaugh, has an "expansive view" of what the president can do, and questions whether charges can be brought against a sitting president. In a few words, Kavanaugh believes that a sitting president has so many things to do that legal cases against him might undermine our system of government.

Never mind that among those charges could include working with a foreign government to undermine the integrity of our elections and, ultimately, our democracy. Never mind that among those charges might include uncovering treasonous acts against America.

And never mind that The Framers and our Constitution have always been clear that no one is above the law. This applies to Donald Trump too.

Finally, let's remind everyone another reason why Democrats should work to block Kavanaugh's nomination ...

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- Mark

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