Wednesday, February 9, 2011


As some of you may have noted, I've been noting republican political failures since they took over. In a few words, because of their desire to derail President Obama they've largely focused on fluff issues that are short on substance but long on symbolism. Nothing gets done, but they make a point. This is what makes this so hilarious (and a little sad).

Yesterday the House failed to get the 2/3 vote necessary to extend three Patriot Act surveillance tools that are supposed to be critical for our nation's post- 9/11 security. The House voted 277-148 to keep three provisions of the USA Patriot Act on the books until Dec. 8., which left the bill seven short of 2/3 vote necessary for expedited measures. The three provisions (which expire Feb. 28) are roving wiretaps of multiple phones, surveillance of library records for anything "tangible" or relevant to a terrorist investigation, and the "lone wolf" provision which allows us to follow pretty much any non-U.S. citizen, even if they have no known terrorist affiliations.

You know ... the kind of Big Brother, Big Government provisions which the GOP claims to hate.


The GOP leadership will be following this fail with their much touted meeting with President Obama today, where they'll draw a line in the sand on their priorities, while telling the President "No" to his agenda items.

- Mark

Addendum: And, in the FYI category, the person in charge of keeping tabs of votes on the House floor for the GOP is Bakersfield's very own Kevin McCarthy. He's the Majority Whip ... I can't imagine him delegating this one out.

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