Tuesday, February 8, 2011


From Truthout.org ...

"George Bush Cuts and Runs From Torture Case in Switzerland"

George Bush Cuts and Runs From Torture Case in Switzerland

Apparently, former president George W. Bush does 'cut and run.' On February 7, 2011, two torture victims were to have filed criminal complaints for torture against Bush in Geneva. Bush was due to speak there at a charity gala on February 12. On the eve of the case filing, Bush abruptly canceled his trip, choosing instead to attend the Super Bowl in Dallas. Why would he rather be in Dallas than in Geneva? For one thing, Swiss authorities are under a legal obligation to start a preliminary criminal investigation if a torturer is on Swiss soil. But, thanks to Attorney General Eric Holder's refusal to apply US law to investigate torture, Bush isn't even breaking a sweat in Dallas - or anywhere in the US, for that matter.
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