Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This clip is simply incredible. In this segment, which discusses events in Egypt, President Obama is simultaneously accused of being "a Muslim," a "Muslim sympathetic," "an appeaser," and someone who "gives textbook answers."

The guy who says "this crisis kind of snuck up on him" is a real gem. Think about this one for a moment. A crisis - like a car crash that turns into a multi-car pile up, for example - is an emergency event that no one can anticipate or control, especially as it is occurring.

I mean, it's not like President Obama lied to America ... then deliberately invaded Egypt, looking to oust Hosni Mubarak ... in the process destabilizing a state, which this focus group seems to think they know so much about.

No wonder George W. Bush was able to invade Iraq. This is his base. This is the base of the GOP. They watch Fox News. And they're not embarrassed by their ignorance.

- Mark

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