Thursday, December 9, 2010


We're all familiar with the "never forget" 9/11 rah, rah that always comes out of our Super Patriot Republican Party. The GOP is especially mindful of reminding America about 9/11 whenever they need funding for defense budgets and local Homeland Security pork. This is what makes the events of today so poignant - the GOP apparently forgot about 9/11.

Specifically, the GOP forgot who responded, and who is now paying the price for responding, to the attacks on the Twin Towers. This afternoon every Senate Republican forgot about those who served our nation on 9/11 and blocked a bill that would have provided funds for ailing Twin Tower rescue workers. The GOP blocked the bill because, you know, what the rescue workers did that day, and in the days after, really wasn't that difficult or dangerous ...

Still, there is hope.

The GOP has made it clear they will have a sudden memory jolt, but under one condition - if President Obama extends the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. That's right. Republicans will consider funding Twin Tower rescue workers, with rescue-related health conditions, but ONLY if they can get tax breaks for America's richest 2% ...

Talk about false patriotism. What a bunch of pricks.

- Mark

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