Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is great. The Daily Reckoning (one of the investment newsletters that I regularly receive) has posted it's (un)official Financial Darwin Awards. Like the original Darwin Awards, the goal is to highlight collosal stupidity and other activities that lead people to improve our gene pool by accidentally removing themselves from it.

Only in this case, since we're talking about the idiots who helped run Wall Street and our economy into the ground, The Daily Reckoning is focused on honoring those who have "removed themselves from the greater financial gene pool (despite the fed's best efforts to revive their rotting corpse)."

I especially like their award to Fed Chair, Ben Bernanke, who is "thriving ... like a cockroach in the fallout of a nuclear blast" because in "Financial Darwinian terms, he is adapting to the Big Government Era, toxic as it is, as well, if not better, than just about anyone in the ecosystem."

The late focus on GM is a bit misplaced when you consider the trillion dollar bailouts for Wall Street, and other worthy candidates (Alan Greenspan, President Bush, Hank Paulson, etc.), but the slide show is still entertaining.

- Mark

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