Saturday, April 18, 2009


From Naked Capitalism ...

The quality of Citigroup's $1.6 billion first quarter earnings was so lousy that even the mainstream media took notice. And the bank's stock traded down 9%.

To give the highlights:

$2.5 billion of revenues came from lower market value of its debt thanks to a fall in credit quality. That was a common pattern of last year, when quite a few investment banks, Lehman in particular, marked down their debt, showing a corresponding increase in income.

The bank posted a number of one-off gains:$704 million from the sale of a remaining stake in a Brazilian credit card processor, and $360 million in reversals of reserves (part for a litigation, the rest relating to an audit).

The bank posted negative earnings per share.
Do the math. $1.6 billion - ($2.5 billion + 1.1 billion) is not a positive number. This is especially not good since it looks like the bank stress tests are proving to be garbage.

You can read the entire post here.

- Mark

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