Thursday, December 20, 2007


What We Want for Christmas is:

10. A quick recovery for our overstretched U.S. Military from the Bush years lack of respect (stop loss orders), dunning (going after the bonuses of wounded soldiers), and shameless disregard for our wounded and incapacitated troops.

9. For the Young Republicans and the College Republicans to finally create a link to the U.S. Military on their webpages so that other “young republicans” can join the War on Terror, instead of earning their stripes as Chickenhawks, fighting bogus “culture wars” from the comfort of their homes.

8. For Democrats in Congress to quit caving in to President Bush’s spying demands.

7. A victory for the GOP’s Mike Huckabee. Arianna Huffington has the goods on why this is a good thing.

6. For someone to explain why the CIA can destroy torture tapes to "protect the identities" of CIA interrogators, but no one says a thing when virtually everyone in Bush's White House had a hand in outing the identity of CIA asset Valerie Plame Wilson.

5. For the Federal Reserve to start acting like the value of the American dollar matters to our nation’s future.

4. For Kern County’s patriotic (wink, wink) “In God We Trust” motto to go away, and for the Board of Trustees to start paying attention to the Brown Act.

3. For the Bush administration to start living up to the human right’s standards outlined in international treaties, which were signed by republican and democratic administrations alike (which means respecting Art. VI of the Constitution too).

2. For the mainstream media to start doing its job and become the Fourth Estate once again, while Bush is still in the White House.

1. For ______________ and __________________ to ____________ Check back on Saturday before the program.

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- Mark

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