Thursday, May 16, 2019


Medieval Pesants Time Off

When Catholic priests promised pardons and salvation in exchange for a fee - what were called indulgences - they laid the groundwork for both the rise of Protestantism and the 30 Years' War (which ended in 1648). Today we have religious leaders peddling fake coins, with the promise that your contributions will serve God and the Christian Right by helping to keep Donald Trump in the White House.

Yeah, the con job is as predatory and exploitative as it sounds. Here, take a look ...

Here's the point. The peasants and simpletons of both periods were/are sucked into the nonsense of salvation and political gain, for a fee, because of one simple reason: Ignorance is as naive and gullible today as it was during the medieval period.

So, yeah, medieval stupidity has made a comeback (if it ever left). Only today, we have high tech platforms to suck in the truly stupid.  And it's working. Big Time.

Sigh ...

- Mark

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