Thursday, April 18, 2019


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So I have a male (who else) friend who disagreed with the meme above, which I posted on Facebook. I did a simple search (which I shouldn't have had to do, but he voted for Trump, so ...) and found plenty of sources for him to read through.  I posted the three attached below for his convenience.

Here's the point. Pay gaps between men and women continue to exist in America, and should be addressed. The reasons why pay gaps continue to exist between men and women are many, but any knuckle-dragging male who has a daughter should be concerned.

The fact that most women get tasked with raising kids (especially after a divorce), face greater economic obstacles in single-parent households, and still face discriminatory challenges in the workplace are just a few of the issues that make earning less than a male counterpart one of the great challenges of modern America.

The meme/clip below should blow up into a ginormous meme/clip if you click on it. If not, click on the "richtopia" link above. It's there too.

Women Business CEOs & Executives in the Workplace Statistics (Infographic)

- Mark

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