Sunday, July 29, 2018


GOP billboard seen in Colorado, about sums it up ...

- Mark

Addendum: Let me add a word for those who think the hammer and sickle - a holdover from the Soviet Union days of the past - is inappropriate because Russia is no longer a communist state ...

Because Russia today is an authoritarian state run by a dictator and his oligarchic hooligans, in effect what we have is a biker gang running Russia. In many ways, while the Russian state is not communist or Marxist-Leninist (nor remotely run to benefit the workers) Russia is run very much like the Soviet authoritarian state of the past.

In simpler terms, Russia's run for the benefit of Vladimir Putin and the oligarchs, much like it was run for the benefit of one man and the politburo (the Soviet Union's highest authority making body). In fact, we could probably use the politburo's flag - like the flag replica below - but most people don't understand the history or meaning of the politburo.

 Coat of arms or logo

The hammer & sickle are important reminders of the Russian dictatorship. So, while the hammer & sickle may not convey the heyday of the "worker's state," they're quite appropriate for those who understand Russia's authoritarian DNA.

Addendum, II: For those of you who want to read more about how the GOP's trickle-down economic policies coincide with the Soviet Union's state-led policies you can read, "The Republican Tax Plan is Trickle-Down Economics, Soviet Style" by clicking here.

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