Tuesday, June 26, 2018


So Trump administration staffers are upset that they are getting turned away at public establishments. What they forget is they have no problem with bakers turning away the LGBT community, with the DHS turning away Muslims at ports of entry, or with ICE hunting down anyone who looks Latino, as a result of their policies. Sarah Huckabee Sanders even claimed that she's surprised at the hostility because "the President in no way, form, or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged violence."

Yeah, right ...

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With all the whining from the Trump administration, because they've been both turned away from public establishments and heckled by people who are not comfortable with the Trump administration's vulgar and violent tone, I was reminded of the South Park clip below.

Specifically, Eric Cartman, the resident conservative bully in South Park gets what's coming to him (but not as much as he deserves), and becomes a complete snowflake for it ...

And, yeah, this is pretty much what we're seeing with the Trump administration today. They're whining and complaining about having the tables turned on their thuggish and bigoted approach to governing, and think they deserve sympathy and respect.

Snowflake doesn't even begin to cover what we're seeing from the Trump administration today.

And their supporters think they're winning ...

- Mark

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