Friday, June 8, 2018


Oops, I forgot to post this ...

I was on KGET 17 News' Sunrise Edition again the morning after the primary elections with Republican Cathy Abernathy. We discussed some of issues we're going to be looking at as we move towards the general election ...

If you have trouble with the clip, here's the take aways ...

* Cathy Abernathy seems to think that a $6.1 billion "rainy day" surplus is a bad thing. Republicans need to come in and fix it, by giving it away to their rich friends. 
* Cathy Abernathy also seems to believe that the growing economy President Obama handed over to Trump is now Trump's alone. 

Here's the key, which I point out 3:40 into the clip: It took President Obama over two years to fix George W. Bush's mess, it's going to take Trump more than a couple of years to wreck it (the economy). I make a couple of nice points at towards the end, starting around the 6 minute mark.


- Mark 

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