Wednesday, February 7, 2018


For the record, apart from the parades that celebrated the end of World Wars I & II, General Douglas MacArthur's return, the veterans in our larger parades (Memorial Day too), flyovers, Fleet Week, and other major accomplishments that involve real heroes of conflict, I'm not sure that we've ever had a full military parade simply to honor and inflate a presidential ego.

Seriously, what Donald Trump’s contemplating (ordered?) now is essentially the celebration of a new national identity that Trump is doing his level best to insure is built around a cult of personality ... his.

Trump’s military parade request is truly pathetic, which "The Parade of the Tin Soldiers" (Russian Orchestra, 1911) seems to capture because the festive, child-like, music reminds one of Trump's adolescent delusions (which, unfortunately, help us understand his increasingly insane and despotic tendencies). 

You can access the song, which I placed in a post a year ago, by clicking here.

- Mark 

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