Tuesday, July 11, 2017


With President Trump pushing to ease last year's Ukraine-inspired sanctions on Russia - which passed the U.S. Senate 98-2 - the very conservative Weekly Standard has made it clear: The Trump Administration Has Forfeited the Right to be Trusted on Russia. Specifically, the editorial board of The Weekly Standard writes:

These are circumstances in which the president has no capacity to set policy toward Russia. Whether the media has unfairly targeted the president and his advisers over their dealings with Russian officials is now beside the point. By a series of unforced errors—omissions of financial dealings with Russian companies, unaccountably faulty memories on meetings with Kremlin-connected operatives—the Trump team has lost all credibility on the question of Russia.

The Weekly Standard's editorial board has also conceded something that President Trump's most ardent supporters don't want to believe because of the story line that logically follows: Russia interfered with our 2017 presidential election.

You don’t need to think that Trump and his campaign aides colluded with Russia ... to believe that Russian government officials tried to manipulate it. 
Perhaps the most damning observation from the TWS's editors is an argument I've been making for some time now: President Trump is selling our foreign policy soul to Vladimir Putin for a song.

Specifically, the TWS's editorial board makes it clear that President Trump is sitting idly by while Moscow props up Syria, which insures instability and antagonism towards the west in the region for years to come. Worse is how President Trump's effectively ceding any kind of interest in the Ukraine, a state that was moving towards the west before the Russian "invasion" began.

There is no doubt, moreover, that the Kremlin has armed Bashar al-Assad’s regime in a successful bid to establish a client state in the Middle East and undermine American interests there, and that the Russian army has waged war inside the borders of Ukraine, an American ally.
It won't be long. Trump is slowly being exposed in conservative circles for what most of us have been saying for the past two years. Donald Trump is a narcissistic megalomaniac who's in over his head, and a danger to the global community.

- Mark

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