Wednesday, May 31, 2017


In Europe last week President Trump made it clear that he didn't believe in climate change, and has moved to cut America's spending on research in this area. The French, led by President Emmanuel Macron, are making it clear they not only believe in science, but that they stand ready to invest in climate change researchers who might find their way to France in the future.

The message below, directed at America's scientific community, is a powerful one, and is an example of how "brain drain" in America just might begin ...

I want to make this clear: if President Trump continues to reject science and the scientific community, while demonizing foreigners, Donald Trump is in no way going to make America great again. Ignoring and belittling scientific consensus has never been the path to greatness. The European minds who fled fascism in the 1930's (Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, Klaus FuchsJohn von Neumann, et. al) ultimately helped to insure Hitler's demise. Their arrival in America, before and after WWII, also made some of the biggest breakthroughs and scientific discoveries in the post-war era possible.

The Jewish emigres who fled Nazi Germany literally revolutionized U.S. science and technology. These stories should serve as a lesson in what not do when it comes to science, and politics, in America.

This lesson, unfortunately, is lost on President Trump and our modern day Republican Party.

Sigh ...

- Mark

Hat tip to Tom for the video clip.

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