Friday, May 19, 2017



When the former director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, agreed to take over the investigation into President Donald Trump's links to Russia, Republican Cathy Abernathy and I were invited by KGET 17 News to speak about these and other developments. As you will see in this video clip, Cathy believes there's nothing to the Russian investigation, and is content with the idea that the Russians might have meddled in an American presidential election (since their guy "won").

Then it got fun.

At 3:40 into the clip Cathy tries to explain how bombing Russia's ally, Syria, means - in Cathy's world - that Donald Trump isn't really Putin's pet. When I reminded Cathy (while chuckling) that Trump called Russia in advance so they could "move their stuff" she took offense, and started to lecture me, telling me that I "needed to understand" how we would have "been at war with Russia" if a Russian had been killed in the bombing ... which, again, explains why Trump called to give Russia a heads up about the bombing.

Yeah. She really said that.

At the end of the day, I'm having fun. I'm not so sure about Cathy. Then again, the looks she gives me tell me that she likes having me up there with her, I'm guessing. ☺

- Mark

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