Tuesday, April 11, 2017

UNITED TAKING A PR BEATING (that it deserves)

By now most of America has seen or heard about the United Airlines fiasco. Apparently, United and other airlines are within their right to overbook seats and then kick off paying customers as long as they offer vouchers. Beating them up, however, is proving to be another matter. This is precisely what makes the United Airlines hit pieces below so hilarious.

First up, the United Airlines Training Video ...

Next, a United Airlines pilot heading to the gate ...

This Jimmy Kimmel "United Airlines honest commercial" is well done ..

Then we have these pieces ...

"Pentagon awards contract to United Airlines to forcibly remove Assad" (Duffel Blog).



On a more serious note, this piece - "The deeper scandal of that brutal United video" - from The Atlantic does a great job of explaining why United was within their rights to remove people from the plane (though, beating them up is another issue).

- Mark

UPDATE: OK, one more ...

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