Wednesday, January 18, 2017


After having to clean up the economic disaster that was left to him, while dealing with a hostile Republican-led Congress that vowed to work against his every effort, how does President Obama's economic performance fare against other presidents since World War II? In a few words, not bad.

Using 17 economic indicators Bloomberg Views puts President Obama's economic record above both President Bushes and President Nixon, and right behind Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan ...

For the record, the economic indicators used to gauge economic performance include unemployment, the federal deficit, the stock market, inflation, employment growth, productivity growth, gross private investment, personal savings, interest rates, population below the poverty line, exports as a share of GDP, trade balance, federal budget growth rate and share of GDP, and tax revenue share of GDP.

The top score for each indicator is 100, while zero indicates an average score. Given where he started (with the momentum of Bush's negative 140 staring him in the face), it's clear that President Obama actually did quite well. You can read more about the indicators by clicking here

- Mark

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