Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I was at the KGET  studio most of last night and this morning, and couldn't post on last night's events. I have to run to class this morning, but here's my two cents, for the moment.

* There is a bigger relationship to Europe's BREXIT than we should be comfortable with this morning. It's not good.

* Trump's victory is the product of a larger set of economic patterns (growing inequality, debt loads, wealth gaps, etc.) that, in many ways, we saw between the world wars. I've been writing about it for my next book. More on this later.

* I can assure you that President Obama's handling of the post-2008 market meltdown, especially catering to Wall Street at the expense of Main Street, didn't help Hillary. Unfortunately, Trump's not going to help here either.

* The Democratic base that supported Bernie Sanders, as it turns out, was correct. The blue-collar issues they embraced on trade (TPP/NAFTA and protectionism) were the issues that sank Hillary in states like Wisconsin and Michigan.

* Hillary and the Democratic leadership, in many ways, were too smart for their own good. Those of you who followed the Super Delegate debacle and the DCCC mess know what I mean. Bernie would have beaten Trump.

* Finally (for now), what happened with the women who voted for Trump? TRUMP ... seriously? Insert Colonel Sanders/Chicken reference here _________________.

And what the heck happened with the polling industry, especially Nate Silver?

There's more, but I've got to run to class.

- Mark

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